In it to win it? - 09/12/2002

In it to win it, or in it for what it can give us? Samís mentioned at the club AGM that heís not interested in the competition. I disagree though, a win is a win and the boost to confidence for team and strikers will pay dividends in the Premiership. The alternative is to put out a fringe or young side - as we did against Bury Ė and look what happened? I donít believe it benefited anyone, fans or clubs. A weaker team led to no win, no goals and we got knocked out!

I do understand the last thing Sam wants to do is to pick up more injuries, but when you balance up the pros and cons of putting out a depleted side, I think itís best to go for it. The F.A. Cupís a bit special, playing in it gives you a break from the Premiership, itís a game without pressure of competing for points, itís exciting and could provide a spark to get you going again.

As for the draw, well the positive is that we got a home draw, but looking back at the Sky game against SunderlandÖ.what can you say? It was dire! Saying that, if Sam puts out the side I think he will, and Howard Wilkinson does likewise, we might even get a cracker? Otherwise, theyíll defend very deep and if they nick a goal then theyíll shut up shop Ė not a recipe for a great game! I bet the Sunderland fans are sick, they're one of the best sets of supporters and to be fed such negative football won't go down well with them.

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