Fancy a game at the Reebok? - 08/05/2003

Fancy a game at the Reebok?
You could be playing here!

Since I left the club Iíve had the opportunity to play a number of friendly games at the Reebok, and itís something that I really enjoy. Football Aid are a childrenís diabetes charity and last Sunday saw a fund raising game being played at the Reebok. The players bid for each position and in doing so helped raised a ten-figure sum. But donít worry if you missed it because as from next Tuesday the club are offering all fans the opportunity to pull on the famous White shirt and play at the Reebok!

They call it ĎWandererís for a dayí and itís a fantastic package. Included in the price is full use of the dressing rooms, officials, full Wanderers kits and commemorative team photos. You even have the option of bringing in friends and family - your own crowd!! Itís a professional event and great for both corporate days out and groups of fans getting together. All in all, itís not expensive, £2000 plus VAT may seem a big sum, but with up to 15 players on each side, it works out at well under £100 per person. They can also video the match and roll out the old boys to give you a pre-match team talk. The promotion runs until Friday, 6th of June and if youíre interested, the lad whoís looking after you is Gareth Wild. Give him a call on 01204 673729 or email him for further details at

If youíve never played at the Stadium it really is a fantastic day out. Speaking to lads whoíve been fans and then get the chance to run out down the tunnel onto the pitch, they all have a great day. It doesnít matter of you havenít got the skill of Okocha, as long as youíre fit enough to pull a pair of boots on youíre certain to enjoy it!

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