Let's enjoy it! - 05/05/2004

It’s May, we’re seventh in the Premiership with two games to go, we’ve been to Cardiff and played in a cup final, and we’re in for a big, big, name in football - Rivaldo. How much better does it get?

Of course you can’t please everyone and I’ve heard a few fans talking about ‘ifs and buts’ and moaning that a Champions League place could have been achieved. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with ambition, but let’s be realistic! Looking at the resources of the club against teams such as Liverpool and Newcastle, we’re doing fantastic…but we’re still some way off competing at that level. Every cub in the football league will look back at earlier games in the season and say that ‘we should have won that one’ and ‘how did we get beat there?’ It’s a time for Bolton Wanderer’s fans to feel good, not to worry about missed points.

Just to see the faces of the Leeds fans on Sunday makes you realise how well off we are. Alan Smith is a Leeds player and a Leeds fan, my heart goes out to him. The club is in such a mess, now there’s talk of the take over being taken over - it never stops.

Bolton have progressed strongly over recent years and have been prudent in doing so. The Rivaldo bid is a statement that this club means business - if he comes or not!! We can look forward to seeing a stronger Bolton next season and be reassured that the foundations of our success aren’t built by the men who’ve effectively destroyed Leeds. Whether the deal for the Brazilian come off or not, it shows that we have the resources to think big and to act big - without crippling the club. Let’s enjoy the last couple of games and be thankful for what we’ve got.

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