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The Masters – stitched up by my own dad!! - 18/09/2003

The Masters – stitched up by my own dad!!
Dan was the man

I'd been really looking forward to the Master’s Finals, but let’s just say that the event didn’t go as planned. We were always going to struggle as the likes of Dan Petrescu, Colin Pates, Ken Moncou and Martin Chivers were all missing from the squad that progressed from the Southern Area finals. Dan had scored something like five goals in the first stage and he was a certainly a big miss.

On the journey up to Newcastle, my dad had called me and we chatted about the finals. One of the ‘tips’ he gave me was to shoot low against Mike Salmon – the Charlton keeper, so when the tie went to penalties, that’s exactly what I did…and you can guess what happened! Mike dropped down to his left and saved the thing!!

Now my Dad’s Charlton through and through, and even managed the Charlton Masters team in years gone by, but stitching up his own son! Then one of my so-called mates, John Beresford, has a go at me on his website. OK so I missed a pen, but he chose to mention that and not the fact that I’d scored for Chelsea in open play! Newcastle were favourites but were knocked out in the semi’s, did I have a go at Bez? Next year I’ll just ignore my dad and have to bang three past Newcastle in the finals!!

Seriously though, it was a bit of a disappointment and I honestly think that we could have won it if we hadn’t lost so many of the original squad. There’s always next year…

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