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African Cup Of Nations - 31/01/2004

African Cup Of Nations

The favourites of the tournament such as Nigeria and Cameroon did not get off to the best of starts. However, in the second phase matches the quality of these teams and Senegal has shown through.


I have been impressed with the way the game has been played in the tournament. The technical ability of the players has never been in doubt although the great build up play has frequently let down by poor finishing.


A good example of this has been Congo's first game where Lua Lua looked very impressive until it came to finishing off the move. He has been criticised a little and I think that is unfair, although in getting sent-off in the second game he has done himself no favours.


Perhaps the most impressive of teams has been Freddy Canute's Mali. They started the competition very well and have gone on to their second match against Burkina Faso and again run out relatively comfortable as victors. Although not a favourite at the start of the tournament I would certainly be looking to place an each way bet on them, if I was a betting man!

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