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The record continues - 17/03/2003

   Charlton Athletic

Once again our record after returning from Champions League matches is maintained, it’s tough playing two-games in a week – especially when travel is involved, but we’re a very fit side and now have a large squad to cope with the injuries we’ve had. We played very well at Inter and again on Saturday, with Arsenal losing their game, it opens up a slight chance for us. We’re looking at the fixtures and hoping they’ll drop a few more points – both Arsenal and Manchester have yet to play each other, so there is a chance. If we continue to play this well, it can be done.

Charlton are a good team, they were 6th in the table, and at this stage of the season you do not get to that position without having quality. They started very poorly and at one point were in the bottom three, but since Christmas they’ve done very well, and before they played us were the top form side in the Premiership. It was great to get a goal, I haven’t had that many this year but what was more important was picking up the points – to get both was just fantastic!

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