I enjoyed that! - 07/10/2002

I enjoyed that!
A great finish

Three wins out of three in the Premiership and although it wasnt an easy game, I really enjoyed it. West Brom will surprise a few teams this year, talk about getting players behind the ball! Theyll frustrate a teams and then catch them on the break. Jason Roberts had a tough time, but he never gave up. Hes fast and strong and is built for the role that he plays. With a bit of luck he could have changed the game, but we won and I think we more that deserved the three points.

Talking of luck, Als free kick could have gone anywhere but it ended up in the net. I knew that the wall would rush out to us, so I told him Id dummy the pass and draw them out. As you saw, it worked very well, but Al still had to put it in the right place and hope no one would get in the way. In hitting it low it gave him a chance, and luckily it went straight between a couple of players. They ran up to the referee but what could he do? It was simply a goal! So Id done my bit to set up Al with a goal, so now it was his turn! I saw Gary Speed look up and when he put the ball in for Al I knew I should be ready for the knock down. He connected perfectly and all I had to do was sweep it into the net yep, happy with that! But happier that we collected the three points.

Weve a bit of a break now, the international games meaning that we dont play until Saturday the 19th. Half the squad are away with their national teams, but Ill be doing a bit of training here and will spend a few days in Germany. Im meeting up with some old friends from Argentina and were doing a bit of a tour, Dusseldorf and Munich. Ill come back fresh and fit and then look forward to the Blackburn game.

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