So I got my Wish! - 18/02/2002

So I got my Wish!

With the birth of my son and scoring the winning goal in the cup, this has been a fantastic week for me! Iím not celebrating yet though, Iíll leave that until the end of the season of we qualify for the Champions League. The City game was tough, the atmosphere was good and it was nice to play on grass as the pitch had been very difficult before the turf was re-laid. I was impressed with City, they kept the ball better than most Premiership teams have done and made us work extremely hard. I think Kevin Keegan will bring them up and do quite well next season.

I knew that Keegan was making a sentimental return, and the reaction from the crowd was amazing. I was told that Keeganís Newcastle lost a twelve point lead in Premiership Ė incredible. The fans obviously loved him very much, but we had a job to do and we did it. Itís Arsenal next, but atleast itís at home!

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