Yes it's Newcastle but I'm a Villa player now - 26/08/2004

Yes it's Newcastle but I'm a Villa player now

Once again itís very nice to receive so more interest from Newcastle fans in the build up to SaturdayĎs game. Iíve had emails to my website and letters to the club thanking me for my time at Newcastle. But this is now the second game Villa have played Newcastle since I left so the reaction is quite amazing. But Iím a Villa player now and although Iíll have a special place in my heart for Newcastle and Newcastle fans, my intention is to make sure Villa take all three points against Newcastle on Saturday

Newcastle havenít had the start they wished for, and we too have been disappointed - especially with going down 3-0 away to Charlton. So both sides have a lot to play for and although it is still August, we all know that itís important for Villa to take points off Newcastle as weíre rivals for a European spot. Whether this is Champions League or UEFA Cup football remains to be seen. We should aim for Champions League football as there is nothing wrong with having ambition, but we should also be realistic - it would be an incredible achievement simply because we donít; have the resources of Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Newcastle.

Newcastle will be determined to get something from the gameÖand we must be ready for them. Bellers looks to be on top form and the they also have Shearer, Ameobi and now Kluivert to score goals. I know we conceded three against Charlton, but our defence is better than that. We hope that Thomas Sorenson is fit, but whether he plays or not, Iím sure itís going to be a tight game. Iíd be surprised if thereís more than one goal I itÖ.and if Iím rightÖthen Iím praying itíll be Villa whoíll come out n top. Like Newcastle we can also play attacking football and Iím looking forward to pulling on my Villa shirt and getting out on the pitch. I have nothing to prove to NewcastleÖbut that wonít stop me playing at my best and hopefully getting three points at Villa Park.

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