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Looking forward to next season - 22/04/2004

Looking forward to next season
Looking forward to August
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It's disappointing that the season has effectively ended with three games still to play. Only a few games ago we were still hopeful of a play-off place, but with five defeats in a row, we've blown our chances. It's important that we finish the season on a high and that means picking up points from the next few games. No one likes to lose and I also feel for the fans, they've been magnificent. They played a big part in my decision to move from Man Utd and I'm sorry we haven't given them anything to shout about.

The fact that we're safe also gives the new manager a chance to experiment a little. We've played a few formations and from a personal point of view, I don't have any preferences. To be honest I feel comfortbale playing anywhere - left or right centre-back. The Gaffer hasn't had the best of luck though, and even now injuries make his job difficult. He'd like to see what all the squad have to offer, and that simply isn't possible. It's a shame because I guess he'll be looking to bring in a few more faces and perhaps release one or two - and he's in a better position to do so only after seeing everyone train and play.

We're up against Northampton next, and they, like us, were hoping for a more successful year. They'll be up to finish the season on a high and I can't see the usual 'end of season with nothing to play for game'. After missing two games with injury It was good to get some football against Bristol Rovers. I, like the rest of the lads are now looking to finish the season with a higher league place as possible and then get back for a good pre-season. 

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