Interview - looking back on the past season - 19/05/2004

Interview - looking back on the past season
Trundle - scores them nearly as well as I do!

Fresh from a break in Magaluf, Alan gives us his views on Swansea's season in a review of his time at the club


1 - Who is your 'player of the season'?

Andy Robinson, he's done really well, he puts himself about has the knack of chipping in with important goals.


2 - Your 'young player of the season'?

Stuey Jones. He hasn't played in every game but when the call has gone out for him he's responded brilliantly. He's a versatile player and I think we'll be seeing a lot more of him next season.



3 - Best game of the season?

Drawing with Doncaster 1-1 at the Vetch, it was a tremendous game - end to end football - and we matched the eventual division champions in a great game.


4 - Best goal?

Mine against Leyton Orient, no seriously...Lee Trundle's at home to Yeovil. It was a good finish and the ball hit the stantion, but the fact that it was the winner in the 90th minute made it all the better.


5 - Worst game?

Huddersfield away. We were beaten 3-0 and that sounds bad enough, but to be honest they absolutely battered us and we couldn't the ball out of our own half!


6 - Best ground/atmosphere visited?

The best stadium was probably Darlo's, but for atmosphere the Tranmere cup game on Merseyside was something else, we took a few thousand up and they never stopped singing - fantastic!!


7 - Hope for next season?

Simple...promotion, I don't care how but we aim to go up and it's within our capabilities!


8 - Any message for the fans?


Yes, just keep believing.

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