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Thank you - 31/03/2004

Thank you
I've had some tremendous memories but it's time to say goodbye
   Dean Holdsworth
   Milton Keynes Dons
   Newcastle United
   Derby County
   Queens Park Rangers

In making my decision to retire Iím going out on my terms. You know yourself when itís time to call it a day and although nothing beats playing, I know that my legs canít go on forever.

Iíve had a wonderful playing career but everything comes to an end. I look back to the day when Watford told me I was too small to be a professional, and Iíve very few regrets. If pushed Iíd have liked to have won a trophy, and Iíd have liked to have said goodbye to the Geordies, but you canít have everything.

Iím still coaching at Wimbledon and making progress with my UEFA ĎAí badge. I wonít have to worry about playing now, so Iíll be able to give coaching my full attention.Iíve had a few offers already but Iím committed to the job at Wimbledon and thatíll continue until the end of the season. Iíll complete my badge in June, so after that Iíll sit down and see whatís what.

I went up to see Gordon Taylor at the PFA today in order to tell him of my decision. Iíd enjoyed my time with the PFA, especially as the players' Chairman, so it was only right that I went in person to speak to them. Dean Holdsworth has taken over from me and Iím sure heíll do a good job.

Iíve already had a few people contact me and wish me all the best, itís appreciated. There are too many to mention personally, but Iíd like to thank all the people Iíve worked with during my career; managers, coaches, players and the backroom staff. Iíd also like to give a special mention to the fans from all the clubs Iíve played for, their support over the years has simply been tremendous - thank you.

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