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Dodgy Knee's and Dodgy Books - 05/09/2002

Dodgy Knee's and Dodgy Books
Great Game...for the neutrals!

Iíve got my fingers crossed that Iíll be alright for the Masterís Finals at the weekend! After doing very well at the Telewest in July, weíre really looking forward to the finals in Manchester. However Iíve been having a few problems with my knee.

Itís the same knee that caused my retirement from Southampton, and hopefully itís just a question of rest. However, Iíve been keeping quite fit this summer, playing a few games in Singapore and then getting in some pre-season training with Halifax. I knew that I couldnít train hard and play, but Iíve tried to play it sensibly, obviously Iíve just pushed it a little too much. The temptation to play in the Masters is strong, I really enjoyed playing with the likes of Peter Beardsley again. I also think weíre a fair chance of doing well, so itís a chance to win some silverware with Newcastle Ė after all these years! Iíll see how it settles down and leave a decision to the last possible moment

I see that Man Utd are talking about banning their players from publishing books whilst theyíre contracted to the club Ė what a joke! The Keane book was read by Alex Ferguson prior to publication, so it wasnít as if they didnít know it was coming! What is this? Are they turning into some sort of Big Brother club?

It was great to see Big Al get the equalising goal at Anfield. It brought back memories of the classic 4-3 games. When the cross came in for Al right at the end, I really did think we'd burried the hoodoo. Nevertheless, a 1-1 draw is a better result than most think, Liverpool certainly aren't going to be far away in May.

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