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Growing Up

My Family

Dad - John Beresford (yes another one), he played for Chesterfield and then Notts County before a serious knee injury stopped him in his tracks. He was only twenty-one at the time, but he did OK and played at a good non-professional after he recovered from the injury.

Mum - My mum is a hairdresser and still works at The Mayfair in Parkhill Flats, Sheffield. Go and see her and you'll get the best haircut in Yorkshire, 10% off when you mention

Sister - Zoe works for Sheffield City Council, and she's proud of the fact that she can drink me under the table!


First school - Park Hill Flats

Middle school - Ecclesfield

High School - Ashleigh Comprehensive, Sheffield


I didn't have the best of educations, my fault really as I got in with the wrong crowd. It wasn't until I was about eleven that I really got into football. One of the lads in my class was playing for the year above and as a result he got a lot of attention. I thought I could do better than him so I started to play. It went well and in a few weeks I was also playing for the year above us. Soon after I was playing for Sheffield boys, my future career was mapped out




I played in a midfield, a position I was to keep with until my Barnsley days. I joined one of the local boys clubs. The 'Throstles' were the team to beat, so much so that we simply stopped improving as we blew away the competition. We stopped playing local teams and ended up travelling around the country playing the best teams from the other regions. Other pro's that made the grade were Fraser Digby (goalkeeper), Tony Davies, Brian Smith, Ian Shaw, and a few others.

I actually played at the 1978 F.A. Cup final at Wembley, Arsenal beat Man Utd 3-2. OK, so the full story is that I had to juggle the football in the centre circle at half time, but what an experience - I wanted more. I even had to go and see Howard Wilkinson and practice in his back garden!!

A number of clubs came in for me and I had trials with quite a number. I remember staying in digs and playing with Liverpool for a while. At that time though, Malcolm Allison was at Man City and he'd put into place what I considered to be the best youth policy in the country. It was for this reason that a choose to sign for City.


I left school early, after telling my mum I'd taken my exams, which I hadn't. She'd always been keen for me to do well, but all I wanted to do was play football. I'd signed for Manchester City and they were going away on tour, and I wasn't going to miss that. I think my mum's forgiven me, but now having two children myself, I really can't stress enough the need for a good education.

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