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I fully back the decision to strike - 16/11/2001

   Football Association

There's been a lot of criticism by the media and others against the PFA, but I fully back the decision to strike. I'll give you a reason why. My dad was a Pro and played for Mansfield and Knots County, when he was 21 he injured his knee to the extent that it forced him to quit. Thirty years on he can hardly walk and although he last paid his subs all those years ago, the PFA are paying for him to have the knee sorted out quickly. A lot of news like this just doesn't get mentioned, and you can see the worth of the organisation to someone like my dad. Everyone's focused on the Premiership and it's nothing to do with them, it's the lower leagues were the help is needed. I do believe that paying £75 subs needs to be looked at. Players should pay a percentage of their wage, it's the fairest way and I don't think the players would have a problem with that.

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