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From Singapore to Gateshead - 09/05/2003

From Singapore to Gateshead

I’ve just flown home from Singapore and once again I had a great time. Not sure what all the hassle about SARS is, saw a few people at the airport wearing the surgical masks – so I just couldn’t help myself from coughing and spluttering all over them. Seriously though, it’s not as bad as it’s made it, maybe in China but certainly not in Singapore.

I’m back up for the Tyne Tees show on Sunday and then on Sunday night I’ve got a 'talk-in' organised by Steve Wraith. It’s at a club called ‘Sutherlands – The Venue’, which I’m told used to be called the Windy Nook Social club, doors open at 6.30pm and the comedian; Mike Cash is on stage at 7.30. It’s £10 on the door and that price also includes a chicken in the basket meal. There’s also a limited number of VIP tickets available at £25 – this includes a three course dinner and an extra hours drinking until midnight, you also get the dubious pleasure of chatting with yours truly! If you fancy it, I’d love to see you down there.

It’s a bit of a culture clash, from Singapore to Gateshead, but I’m glad to be back. In working for ESPN I’ve seen a massive amount of Premiership football – and I must admit to sweating a bit when we dropped down to fourth place. We deserve Champions League football and for me, we deserve third place, so it was great relief to get the three points from the Birmingham game and then to find out that BOTH Liverpool and Chelsea had been beaten. There had been a chance that Chelsea and Liverpool could have both qualified by playing out a draw at Stamford Bridge – it doesn’t bear thinking about, and now we don’t have to!! Looking back at the nights we had in Rotterdam and Milan, and some good games at St. James, I can’t wait for the competition to start again. The team will have matured and gained great experience, no doubt we'll have a couple of big signings in the summer so we’ll have a stronger squad – it’s looking good. Hope to see you Sunday.

To book VIP tickets for Sunday’s event, please call 0191 4691431.

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