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Robbie who? There's only one Ethan Elliott!! - 07/05/2002

Robbie who? There's only one Ethan Elliott!!
   Robbie Elliott
   Fredrik Ljungberg
   Raymond Parlour
   John Beresford
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   FA Cup

I've had a busy time since returning home from Singapore - although it's fair to say I've also had a round or two of golf. I'm up in Newcastle tonight, at the Marriot Hotel in Gateshead with Tyne Tees for the North East Player of the Year Awards. It's normally a heavy night, but Al, Pedro, and I all have a 9am appointment with Sky. They're filming a nostalgia programme - don't know the details yet, but I'm not sure about all this nostalgia business, makes me feel old!

I didn't think much of the F.A.Cup final, the first half in particular was very poor. It did pick up in the second period and I have to say that the two goals were top class. Ray Parlour's shot was slightly less spectacular than Llungberg's but, for me, his goal was better. What made it so good was that he could have laid it off to others, I don't think Cudicini was expecting the shot, but even if he was, I don't think he could have stopped it.

I've just got the schedule for my next trip to Singapore, I'm working with ESPN for the duration of the World Cup. I'll be on the box for quite a few of matches and I'm looking forward to it. We're also taking the opportunity to push forward, our fantasy football promotion, so there may also be a trip to Thailand.

Well, Robbie Elliott is also joining us at 'Official Player Sites'. I'm due to see him later tonight and I've got a video for him. It shows his 3 year old little lad, Ethan, scoring a cracking goal at the Gallowgate End. He ran onto the pitch at half time during the recent West Ham game and the TV cameras picked it up - pity Ethan's old man hasn't scored a better one this season!!

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