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Kluivert - A player and maybe a bit of a gamble - 23/07/2004

Kluivert -  A player and maybe a bit of a gamble
Kluivert - a proven striker
   Patrick Kluivert
   Craig Bellamy
   Alan Shearer
   Shola Ameobi

No one can doubt Patrick Kluivert’s quality as a player, his international goals tally for Holland is fantastic and although last year wasn’t the best, his scoring record for Barcelona had previously been excellent. If there were any concerns in this department, my only fear is that with playing for Holland and Barca, he may have a shock when it comes to dealing with the pace of the English Premiership – but he’ll soon adapt.

There’s the usual talk about his like of nightclubs, his ability to mix-in with the other players and his strong opinions – but that isn’t the problem. The major worry is the subsequent reaction of Al, Bellamy, and Shola. When fit, all three will want to play and four into two simply doesn’t go. This’ll be a headache for Bobby, and keeping his strikers happy may prove to be a difficult job. It’ll be interesting to see if say Bellamy may be moved to the right, or Kluivert played in the hole, but either way, strikers like to score goals and they aren’t going to get them from the bench.

Overall though, you can't knock the club for signing the Dutchman. He's quality and just maybe he'll prove the difference when Newcastle look to improve on last years rather disappointing season.

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