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Mad Fer it! - 08/08/2002

Mad Fer it!
You gotta roll with it!
   John Beresford

Last night's friendly with Barcelona was a bit of a disappointment, apart from the first twenty minutes, the class of Barcelona really tore Newcastle apart. It's not that Newcastle were poor, but Barcelona were just excellent. Yes, it may have been different if our early chances had gone in, Dabi was unlucky with his close range header, but Kluivert and Saviola took their chances fantastically.

There's been talk in the media about Kluivert possibly joining Newcastle, for me, I'd be surprised. I also saw the Van Gaal’s post-match interview, and it certainly doesn't look like he'll be leaving the Nou Camp just yet!

Going back to 1997, I remember the night before the Barca game, Oasis were playing at the Arena and I was itching to go. Unfortunately club policy meant that we weren't allowed out the night before a game. In my opinion, the best way to prepare for a big game is to relax (that's my excuse anyway!?). I booked a ticket over the telephone and turned up at the last minute. I knew that the attention of the crowd would be on the band, so I waited until the first song, picked up the ticket from the booth, then strolled in with my cap on and my head bowed! Great gig and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Apart from one of the stewards giving me a wink, no one knew I was there.

Of course we had the match the following day, just as well we got the result! Stuart Pearce is a big Oasis fan, so when there was a quiet moment, I couldn't help but tell him where I'd been. He couldn't believe it, and was just a bit jealous. Any how, all's well that end's well - so you can say that I was extra pleased when Tino got has hat trick and we hung on to win 3-2!

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