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Transfer Window, good or bad for the game? - 02/09/2002

Transfer Window, good or bad for the game?
Keep your hat on and head down!
   Robbie Elliott
   David Beckham

One of the main footballing talking points is the transfer window, and it’s certainly going to be interesting to see how it impacts on the game.

After today, no Premiership player can be transferred between clubs until the transfer window opens up later in the year. There are numerous reasons why this has been introduced, FIFA have broadly termed these to be in the interests of what they call ‘contractual stability’ – which should help players and managers and therefore subsequently the game as a whole. Basically they believe that if players aren’t moving from club to club through the season, it’ll give managers time to plan and develop a settled team and match strategies, whilst it’ll also give players some security in that they know they’ll be staying at a club for a good few months. As a result, there'll be less speculation about moves, and less players demanding a move if they are ‘tapped’ up or fall out with the club.

But that’s the theory!!! I’ve been around football long enough to know that the policy will have a downside. How will players react if they fall out with the club? What about players who join clubs and can’t settle? They are effectively trapped in a system that’s supposed to help them. Clubs don't want players on the training pitch who don't want to be there. Not only can this breed discontent, it can spread to other players and cliques can form. Don’t get me wrong, this won’t be the norm, but I’m sure a few players and clubs will suffer.

The other argument is more well known – how will the smaller clubs survive if the big boys can’t buy their players? If you take the example of JJ, Forest were really struggling for cash. When creditors are at the door and a club may be in liquidation, it’s major assets cannot be realised. It’s just another factor undermining the less well of sides. Time will tell, I hope my doubts don’t prove to right, the game, especially in the lower league needs all the support it can get.

Just another point, how are the media going to survive, with less speculation and no transfers to sell papers??? Keep your head down Becks!!

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