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A great performance - 14/03/2003

   Andy O Brien
 Leagues & Cups:
   Champions League

As a professional player and as a Newcastle fan, it was disappointing not to have taken part in Tuesday night’s game. I watched the match at home and agree with everyone who said it was a cracking game. We played very well across the whole park and I was as pleased with the quality of the performance as I was disappointed with the end result. I win would have topped off the night, but we still have a chance and I think it’s a fantastic complement to our fans that not only did they travel in great numbers to the San Siro, but they’ve also sold out for the Barcelona game.

Even if we don’t get the right results next Wednesday, we can be very proud of what the club has achieved. We’re now respected in the top echelons of European football and I’m also convinced that if we make it next season (and I’m very confident we will), we’ll go on to give an even better account of ourselves.

On returning to Newcastle Andy O’Brien was back in the city on Wednesday getting advice over his broken nose. I think OB expected one of the doc’s to invite him into a room and give him a quick once over. As it happens, he got more than he bargained for! He told me that on getting to the hospital, he was shown to a ward, sat down, and asked to put a hospital robe on. They even put a ID tag on his wrist before he was x-rayed and then taken to the operating theatre for the examination! You can bet what was going through his mind and he was just a bit relieved to be told he could get back into his tracksuit!

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