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The No. 3 Shirt - 05/08/2002

The No. 3 Shirt
Wayne Quinn, don't write him off
   Robbie Elliott

Itís one thing with having squad numbers is that youíre virtually guaranteed to wear the shirt for the duration of the season. I wish it was as easy to keep my place in the team! Itís a fact of life these days that competition for places is more intense than ever before. I knew that when Distin went to City and there was talk of Olivier moving on, there would be little chance the club wouldnít replace them. Sure enough Hildago came in on trial, although with Olivier returning to the club, Nobbyís mate hasnít been taken on. So it looks like itíll be the two of us plus Wayne Quinn vying for the left back berth.

Whatever the boss decides, Iíll be putting the work in on the training ground and giving it everything when I play. Iíve got a game with the reserve tomorrow at Workington, but hope to make the bench against Barcelona on Wednesday night. Itís nice to get back to St.James Park and with playing such a big side, everybody wants a piece of the action. Itíll be a good opportunity for the new boys to get a feel for St.James, I think the crowd will be impressed! Both of the lads have settled in well and I think they are both good quality buys for the club.

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