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Griff’s disappearing car

Griff – celebrating after finding his keys?

After the away trip to Birmingham the squad arrived back in Newcastle shortly after midnight. Griff travelled separately and didn’t have his car at St. James. I offered to give him a lift home, but we then thought it’d be better to collect his car so he had transport in the morning. He said he’d left it at the training ground so we drove up to Benton. It took about 15 minutes to get the security people to get the gate and after speaking to them, they told Griff that his car wasn’t there! Griff didn’t believe them and it needed him to get out of the car and see for himself that the car park was deserted. A few of the lads had lost their number plates a few weeks ago and for a second or two, we thought that he might have had his car stolen.

The next I hear is Griff saying “oh, I might have left it at the airport”. We then drive to the airport to find his car sitting there. I asked him if he had his keys – expecting him to say ‘yeh, of course’. He then pulls out his back and rummages around before pulling out some keys – car keys but with no house keys!! At this point I thought about dropping him at the airport hotel! Two seconds later he’s rummaging around in his bag and pulls out another set of car keys – this time with his house key attached.

I arrived back in Morpeth at around 3 am. Perhaps it’s just as well that the wife trusts me!!