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We can do this! - 28/04/2004

We can do this!
We can still stay up!!!
   Carlisle United
   Doncaster Rovers
   Scunthorpe United
   Macclesfield Town

Talk about the up's and down's of football...when Mansfield were awarded that penalty in injury time my heart sank, but when Matt Glennon pulled off the save, then once again the mood swung round...we were buzzing. The spirit among the lads is fantastic and as we walked of the pitch I felt that we were that much closer to league survival. Once again though, when we heard that both Scunthorpe and Rochdale had managed to win their respective games, I have to admit that our spirits were dampened! 

But we live to fight another day! We can win these last couple of games and if we do... then the pressure is back on Macclesfield, Rochdale and Scunthorpe. It's not going to be easy against Cheltenham and that's why we need the support of the fans. I know we're guaranteed your passion but it may well be that we also need your patience. All we can do is win the game and therefore the  three points, it doesn't really matter if it's a comprehensive 5-0 win or a last minute 1-0!!

We then go to Doncaster, and although they may well be confirmed as Champions at that point, we feel we can get the right result. One thing I can promise is that we'll want it more than them.


It was great winning the March 'Player of the Month' award and I've just found out that I've won the April competition. Thanks to everyone who voted for's an honour! I'll be doing my best to make it a hat-trick and hope that it's a double with the club staying up!

This is a special club which deserves better than it's getting. Both the players, coaches and board want to put that right! This second half of the season has been incredible...and it hasn't ended yet.


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