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Premiership News - 03/09/2002

Premiership News
A great player, but if he's banned against the toon...
   Jamie McClen

The one subject that’s dominating the Premiership is the Roy Keane situation. There’s no doubt about Keane’s ability, I’m a fan of his when it comes to football, but he’s certainly gone too far this time. Nevertheless, the way the media have hyped the story, I think it’s been blown out of proportion. There’s now a debate whether his ban should be served during or after he recovers form his hip operation, in my opinion there shouldn’t even be a debate. Surely the procedure must be laid down in the F.A.’s rules and regulations? He’s committed an offence, but the guidelines for Roy Keane should be the same guidelines for someone like Michael Owen. You can’t pick and choose rules for one player and rules for another. But as long as he’s banned for matches against us…I'll be more than happy!!!

I think the Makems have done well, Peter Reid was on the rack but with a win at Leeds and Saturday’s point against Man Utd, he seems to be back in favour. The signings of Flo and Stewart will make a big difference to their squad, a think the whole place will be lifted. Geographically, the North East teams find it harder to attract players, Sunderland particularly so, so they've done well. Shame they’ll come back down to earth when they come to St.James in a couple of weeks!

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