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My future at the club - 26/10/2002

My future at the club
Proud to play at this club!
   Newcastle United

I was interviewed by Sky yesterday at the launch of the web site. Itís not one of the things that I enjoy in football, I donít mind having a chat about the game, but with a camera right in your face and mike pushed in you mouth, I donít enjoy it. However I realise that when you play for a club this size, the press are quite often wanting to stuff. They wanted to interview Dabi, but Dabi said that heíd only do it if they also interviewed me..cheers mate!

Anyhow I got home and although I actually havenít seen the piece, Iíve heard that it came across that I said something like ďif Iím not going to play then Iíll have to look elsewhereĒ. Well, just to make sure that no one thinks Iím taking my bat and ball home, Iíd like to say that I signed a contract in the summer. I knew I wouldnít be first team regular, and I knew Iíd spend a lot of time in the reserves. Yes, I am disappointed that Iím not featuring as much as I would have liked, and with all the games weíre playing, I thought I would have had a few more chances. Weíll see whether I get a shot at Everton in the Worthington Cup. Having said that, Iím here to train and play as best I can. I love this club and want to play here more than any other team. Iíll work hard in training and Iím not the sort to knock on the gafferís door. Put it this way, Iím not calling up agents asking for a move!

Iíll be at the ground this afternoon and Iíll be wanting the lads to get three points Ė Iím a Geordie and that should say it all.

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