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I can't believe it! - 31/12/2002

   Brian Kerr

Everyone who knows me, or who reads this web site will know that Iím desperate to be given a go in the first team. Iíve been laid low with a back problem for the last few weeks and although itís getting better, Iím definitely not quite ready. This morning I went into training and as I was with the physioís, the gaffer walked in.

He asked me if I was fit, and it was sickening to have to say that no, I canít make it. Basically thereís two problems; firstly Iím not sure if the injury has cleared up completely, and secondly, I havenít been able to train properly so my fitness level isnít what it should be. They gave me big workout today, and Iíll know by tonight how the back is. I donít really feel it when I train, itís only later in the day when it stiffens up and gets painful. All that time on the sidelines, itching to get involved, then when the door opens Iím not fit Ė I feel sick!

As a fan I want all our playerís fit, but professionally, being selfish, Iíd love to take advantage of the injury situation. Nobby will be back soon, but with Speedo out for some time, and doubts over Kieronís injury, thereís a definite chance for atleast a place on the bench. Concussion is a funny thing, really any athlete in a competitive contact sport should take a week or two to recover from it. One bad knock and it could be a very dodgy situation. From what I know, Kieronís felt his calf for a couple of games. The scanís come back OK, but I donít know if heíll make the Liverpool game Ė even though theyíre saying heís alright on the TV.

Two lads who deserve a chance are Kerrsy and Christian Bassedas. Most will know the type of player Bassedas is, but I can also tell you heís a great professional and has been doing consistently well in the reserves. Heís come in as a fairly big money buy and after being in the first team squad, many players wouldnít be happy about spending the season in the reserves, Christianís just got on with it, with no complaints and as I say, heís done well. Kerrsyís another good lad, a different type of player whoís got the ability to go past playerís and play in a variety of positions. Heís strong, and also able to sit and hold the ball. If they get their chance, I know both are capable of doing a job and I wish them all the best.

My sister got married on Sunday, the reception was at Matfen Hall Ė so I was on the phone all the time trying to find out how the Tottenham game was going. Thatís a big three points, especially after losing the three midfielderís! Letís just hope we get another three against Liverpool tomorrow. If so, thatíll put us in a great position Ė with a home game against Bolton still to be played.

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