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Back on track - 10/01/2003

Well Iím glad to say that my back is now alright, Iíve just seen the specialist again and Iíve got the all clear. Just as well as at one stage they thought that it could have been a stress facture. Itís now a case of building up my fitness and getting a match or two under my belt. At the moment Iím training with a the reserves in a group of seven or eight lads Ė itís hard to get a proper session so Iím looking forward to the next game. Speaking of which, Iím doing my best to be included in the under-21 game at Ibrox a week tomorrow. I know Iím 23, but half the club and most of the press keep calling my a Ďyoungsterí, so you never know!!!

When I was on loan at Motherwell we played at Ibrox, but I was injured at the time, so only went as a fan. Itís a great stadium, and although I need a game, Iíd love to make an appearance so I can say that Iíve played there. Iíve also heard that there could be a crowd of around 10,000!! The Scottish League is on their winter break and with no first team football, itís a good opportunity for people to see the up and coming lads. Iíve also had a few phone calls from some of the Motherwell boys, Dougie, Keith, Dave Cowans (ex-toon), and Derek Townsley whoís now at Hearts. They were saying thatís itís been given a bit of publicity, and theyíll try and get along if they can.

Looking back at last weekís game, the least said the better, and I think itíll be tough at West Ham tomorrow! Theyíll be up for it, and although I know weíll be to, our record isnít great down there. Letís just hope their record continues.

By the way, thereís another Lloyder story to be updated, just go to Ďbiographyí, Ďfootball storiesí, and then Lloyder!! Oh, heís a cracking lad!!

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