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Knee bother! - 27/01/2003

   Fredrik Ljungberg

I read that Iíve got knee ligament damage and Iím going to be out for some time, I donít know where they get their information from, because if it's true, nobody's told me! I felt the knee just give way in last weeks reserve game against Blackburn, and although Iíve had a precautionary scan, Iíd like to think Iíll be back within ten days or so. Iíve been in for treatment today and itís still not right, but to talk of serious damage is an exaggeration. Itís a bit of a blow, I needed to get same games under my belt after my back problem, but with a number of reserve games postponed because of the weather, Iíd only played thirty minutes in the Rangers friendly before the Blackburn game, so I am a bit sick.

Iíve just had my hair done and todayís the first day Iíve been out, I see theyíve put it on the website already! Not sure that you can call it a Freddie Ljungberg, but the gaffer seemed to enjoy it! I walked into training and he started laughingÖĒJamie, what have you done with your hair son?Ē

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