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A bit sick - 21/03/2003

Itís not been the best of weeks, last nightís reserve match was a nightmare and when the gaffer described it as the worst game heís seen in four years Ė Iím not going to argue. As well as it being a bad game, Iím not happy about my back. Itís not been right for about five months now and it gave me more problems during and after the game. Itís affecting my legs as it feels like my hamstrings are really tight and even my knees are a bit sore. Iíd like to get it sorted once and for all and Iíll probably have a full scan in the next few days. I needed a painkilling injection to get me through the game and even though Iíve been given specialist stretches to do, it hasnít done me much good.

I was surprised to hear Terry Venables has left Leeds, and even more surprised to hear that Peter Reidís got the job until the end of the season. With Mick McCarthy joining the Makems recently, he wont be off to Elland Road. I donít know whatís happening down there as Iíd have thought Peter Ridsdale would have gone after the ex-Ireland boss. I guess the departure of Venables wasnít planned! One thing about Reidy, and I think this is why heís got the job Ė he can do the business without spending money. Heíll get into them and I think theyíre be a hardworking side until the end of the season. You never know, if they do alright Reid might be there to stay.

The Barcelona game was only disappointing as we didnít get a result. I thought the lads played very well and if Bellerís had had a bit more luck, weíd have been collecting the points. You should see him in training, doesnít miss much, I just think it was one of those days Ė anyone can have them! Blackburn tomorrow, and I donít want to tempt fate, but I think weíre unbeatable at home in the Premiership. Itís a game that we need to win in that itíll just bring our Champions League qualification that much nearer. The seven points gap between us and the rest of the chasing pack is great Ė but letís keep it that way!!

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