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Ayia Napa or Oldham? I'd have to choose Oldham! - 12/05/2003

Whereas itís been a great season for the club, itís not been the best of season's for me personally. Iíve struggled to make an impact in the first team and had one or two injuries that have been difficult to shake off. The season did end with a bit of promise as I travelled down to West Brom as a member of the squad. Iím now off on holidays to Ayia Napa in Cyprus and Iím looking forward to the break.

Iíll have time to think about the season and also to make preparations for next year. Itíll be interesting to see whoíll be coming into the club Ė and whether they will be midfielders. I honesty donít know whatís happening as regards transfers, as players we pick up the rumours from the press, but really donít get any inside information. It was around this time last year that I signed my contract with Newcastle, and the season didnít pan out how Iíd have liked it to. The frustrating thing is that I may have got a few more chances to play, but when these opportunities came around I was injured Ė really frustrating.

I have my upís and downís and at times itís difficult to keep motivating yourself when all you can see is reserve team football. On the other hand though, Iím at the club I supported as a lad and whenever I do leave St. James I know Iíll have mixed emotions. Whether a club comes in for me this summer, and whether the gaffer will accept an offer, I really donít know. But I look at my old mate Lloyder (David Beharall) at Oldham and I have to admit to missing the excitement of first team football. Lloyderís injured at the moment and missed the first play off game against QPR. Heís had a great year at Oldham and I know that heís enjoyed himself.

It could be worse though, and Iíll console myself with the thought that as Iím sunning myself on the beach with a beer or two, heíll be stuck in the treatment room or sweating on the training pitch. Cheers Lloyder!!

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