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The Fat Club - 16/02/2004

   Stephen Caldwell
   Newcastle United
   Leeds United

I lost just under a stone last month, not bad for my first ever diet!! It started as a bit of joke between me and the Caldwell brothers, but then became a bit competitive when JC (John Carver, the first team coach) got involved. We all put in £100 each and the winner took all. Iíve never had a problem with my weight, so it might surprise some people that I actually went on a diet. I already had a healthy diet but as with most things Ė you can still make improvements. So with so much information on diet and nutrition Iíd thought Iíd give it a go. I cut out white bread and stopped all the snacks between meals, and although the first few days were a bit tough, I soon got used to it. In fact Iím going to keep the diet up. If itís helps my game itís worth it!! Even with losing so much weight I still didnít get to win the cash!! The Caldwellís cam third and fourth with yours truly coming in second. Looking back we should have handicapped JC, lets just say he had more fat to lose than the three of us put together. With him working with Windy (Paul Winsper Ė the clubs fitness coach), he probably had extra training sessions Ė and I bet Windy was on 10%!!??

I thought Iíd also mention the UEFA Cup game in Norway. I think itís been more than a bit unfair on the fans who are having to plan the trip with no real guarantee the game will be going ahead. I just hope that the weather in Valerenga isnít too bad and that pitch will be playable. The thought of having to take time off work and spending all that money whilst knowing that the grass could be covered by snow just goes to show how much this club means to the fans. Iím sure that lads will get a result though, and then letís hope that weíll get a draw in Spain or Italy!!

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