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My World Cup - 19/05/2002

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   World Cup

Iím at home for the start of the World Cup, and then on the 6th of June Iím off to Mexico. I donít really like watching the games in bars, you hear all sorts of Ďadviceí and abuse from people who donít really understand the game. I prefer to really study the games, and itís obviously better to do this in a quieter place. Donít get me wrong, I love the atmosphere, but if people know that I'm a professional footballer, then itís virtually impossible to watch a game without constant interruption. People either want your opinion or even have a go at you.

But itís not all that easy trying to watch matches at home or in the hotel bedroom, the Mrs has football coming out of her ears. Her brotherís are players and with me doing what I do, itís fair to say she gets sick of the game. Maybe the barís the best place after all!!

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