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Views on World Cup - 23/05/2002

Views on World Cup
   Trevor Sinclair
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   World Cup
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I honestly think that England will struggle. The draw has been very tough and if the team doesnít play to itís full potential, I canít see us progressing past the first group stage. Having said that, if we do get through the group weíll be very well placed to go further. By then the injury situation may have cleared up, and if so, Iíd like to see Kieron Dyer given a free role, but it looks like heíll be played on the left and with this not being his best position, I hope heíll do himself justice.

The injury situation is worrying, particularly as itís just the midfield thatís being affected. I heard that Trevor Sinclair wasnít very happy, I understand his frustration, itís strange being a fringe player, you donít feel part of the team and itís easy to get wound up. Personally, I think Iíd have stayed with the squad, heís going to look a bit stupid if heís got to fly back.

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