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Kezman's the man - 14/04/2004

Kezman's the man
You can't give them half a chance
   Titus Bramble
   Jonathan Woodgate
   Newcastle United

I watched the first leg of tonights tie and was very impressed with Mateja Kezman's performance. Newcastle's defensive pairing of Bramble and Woodgate did very well to contain him, but the sign of a quality centre forward is that they always find half chances - even when they are playing a tight and organised defence. Ian Wright had this ability and Kezman also has it. In the first game, just when it looked like he'd been seen off, he found space for an overhead kick that nearly went in. The technical ability for his goal was superb, but what also impressed me was his intelligent running. He took up some excellent positions and was a constant thorn in Newcastle's side.

The media have linked him to a number of Premiership sides - Newcastle included, and he'd be a quality acquisition. But at this stage of events, it could simply be his agent drumming up business, so don't get too excited.

I'm presently up in the North East covering the game for 'Five Live' and this is the first time I've been in the press box at Newcastle. I'm looking forward to the occasion and to the game, let's hope that after Chelsea made in to the semi-finals of the Champions League, we see another one of my ex-club's into a European semi-final!



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