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Where were they? - 07/11/2001

   Craig Bellamy
   Carl Cort
   Kieron Dyer
   Andy Griffin
   Newcastle United

I've been away working for ESPN in Majorca this week. This also coincides with a well-earned break being enjoyed by the Newcastle squad, however, the 'big news' has been the conduct of four players, Keiron Dyer, Andy Griffin, Carl Cort, and Craig Bellamy. It's alleged that they all missed a dinner in honour of Sir John Hall, but the question is if they weren't at the dinner, where were they? We can probably guess that they were sampling the local nightlife. But lets gets things into perspective, they're away on a break, and there's not a Premiership game for another week and half. Yes, they need to be disciplined, but as ever, the Press attention is well over the top. I just hope that the incident is over, and they can concentrate on their football.

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