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News National Stadium, do we need one? - 04/12/2001

   Newcastle United

For the last year or two England have played matches at grounds all over the country and I think everyone thinks it's been a great success. If there was to be a National Stadium it should be in the North or the Midlands. There's more passion up here, and it's going to be easier for the fans to reach the centre of the country instead of trekking down South for every game. However, is there really a need for one? I believe that playing around the grounds has been a factor in the success of Eriksson as national manager. The atmosphere in a half full Wembley just isn't anywhere near as good as that at Old Trafford, Anfield, and St.James Park. At then end of the day, I don't think the team needs it, and I think the fans have enjoyed seeing their team at the best grounds around the country, not to mention the millions of pounds that would be saved.

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