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A knight in shining armour - 01/12/2002

A knight in shining armour
Sir Bobby - at home
   Sir Bobby Robson
   Newcastle United

Last week Bobby Robson visited Buckingham Palace where he received his knighthood. I know that Prince Charles didnít know who he was, but to thousands of Geordies the world over, heís certainly their knight in shining armour.

For me, he deserves all the accolades he gets, heís a footballing miracle and his record speaks volumes for the depth of his football knowledge. Just to look back at the mess he inherited at Newcastle, and to see how the club has progressed provides a great example of the quality of his work. Personally, Iím attracted to the honesty of the man, he wears his heart on his sleeve and face mirrors his emotion more than most. He doesnít hide from the media, and is always willing to give insightful interviews and chip in with an opinion on this and that.

There's one characteristic that makes him stand out from the rest of the great managers, and that's his enthusiasm. Iím sure he wouldnít thank me from raising the issue of his age, but he shows so much commitment to the job Ė at a time when most managers would be sitting at home with their feet up, well itís incredible. I donít go to the Newcastle reserve games, but I know a few people who do. From what I hear, thereís always one man to be seen gesticulating, standing up and down, questioning decisions of the officials, and generally showing the passion of a manager in the first days of a new job, itís Sir Bobby.

Thereís been much media speculation as to when heíll decide to call it a day. I have my own opinion, itís only a hunch, but I donít see him walking up to Freddy Shepherd and uttering words such as ďIíve had enoughĒ. For me, for as long as he stays fit Ė and we all hope thatís a long time yet, heíll remain manager. So when thereís speculation that he'll go at the end of this season, or the end of the next, donít put any money on it!

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