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Keep focused - 26/11/2003

Keep focused
Watch out for him!
   Olivier Bernard
   Laurent Robert
   Alan Shearer
   Sir Bobby Robson
   Manchester City
   Newcastle United

Confidence in one’s ability is one thing, but Newcastle need to keep their focus tomorrow night. With and excellent 3-2 victory in Switzerland, the bookies will tell you that there’s only one winner and the odds will be very short. But, as was proven when Partizan Belgrade left St. James in August, a one nil advantage can be a slim lead.

I see that Basel have a few injuries – Yakin and Gimenez are now missing – but they still have some quality players. They’ll also be playing with confidence after turning over Grasshopper’s 5-2 at the weekend.

One player to look out for is their Australian International – Scott Chipperfield. He’s been at Basel for a few season’s now, but from what I hear, there’s a chance that he could be coming to the Premiership. He’s a left footed midfielder who likes to get forward, and as we saw from the first leg, he can score goals.


Saturday’s game against Kevin Keegan’s side was a very decent performance – particularly the second half. Al’s first goal was an absolute classic, and it was interesting to see how the players and crowd responded to Olly Bernard’s skill and ability to get the cross over – great to see. Once again Robert has been working hard, he may not be right at the top of his form , but he’s not far away. He’s scoring goals, tracking back, and even winning defensive headers! Sir Bobby has got him going and long may it continue.

It’s Wolves on Saturday and then I bet a few of you will be off to Kingston Park. Having spent some time with Jonny Wilkinson I was absolutely delighted to see him rewarded for his total professionalism. Much has recently been said about him, and all I’ll add is that I’ve never come across a more professional sports person in my life – and I’ve met quite a few outstanding Pro’s!! Well done Jonny.

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