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Welcome 'home' Nobby - 02/04/2005

Welcome 'home' Nobby
Nobby - as we remember him
   Nolberto Solano
   Aston Villa
   Newcastle United

Todayís game sees the return of one of the fans favourite players of recent years, and I too am looking forward to seeing Nobby Ė and to witness the reception heíll get at St.James. Itís fair to say that some foreign players fail to settle in , but in this case thereís a definite exception to the rule.

Nobby loved both playing and living in . As a Geordie itís great to see people for outside the region and from other countries enjoying themselves in our city. I know that heís received a massive amount of email from fans and I also know that a great percentage of those emails have been begging him to return to the club. He still has a house up here and he still visits friends up here. Although I havenít spoken to him about the situation I know that as heís under contract to Villa, as a good pro that he is, heíll be loyal to them. But if Villa were to accept an offer Ė we hear they turned down in January Ė Iím sure heíd love to return to St.James.

As a player we honestly donít hear much about transfer targets and whoís coming to the club. Usually itís through the media that we learn a player is arriving. So no, thereís no Ďinsideí information to give out.

The trip to went well and I played a full 90 minutes in the 1-1 draw against Man Utd in midweek. Iím due to play a part in the next reserves fixture, and after that Iíll be fully fit and available for selection. Iíve made very good progress with my knee, itís strong and my rehabilitation went exactly to plan Ė if not a little early. As I say, itís now a question of getting some match practice and waiting for the call. Looking back at the first half of the season I felt my better performances were after Iíd had a few games under my belt. Winning the man of the match award came at a time when Iíd played a few games on the bounce. Whether I get the chance, I really donít know. But one thing I can say is that Iíll be ready and more than willing if called upon.

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