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We need a striker - 09/08/2003

We need a striker
Let's hope he's up for it.
   Kevin Davies
   Kevin Nolan

Nearly all clubs are looking out for strikers, and Bolton are no exception. We’re brought in Kevin Davies and we’re hoping he’ll take this chance to re-launch his Premiership career. Whether he’s able to, only time will tell. He went on loan at Millwall last season and didn’t pull up any trees. Having said that, he’s shown talent in the past and if he recapture his form, then he’ll be a worthy investment. Bolton have given him a chance and it’s up to him to take advantage of it. We’ve even struggled for goals in the pre-season games, and yesterday’s goal against Olympiakos was scored by a midfielder. We’ve also been linked to the Portuguese striker – Jardel. He’s certainly a quality player and had only a season or so ago been linked to a couple of potential big money moves. Whether a deal comes off or not, I really don’t know.

I have my doubts about Ivan Campo. He’s re-signed and I just hope that he’s committed to the cause. He was playing for his future last season – but now with the security of contract under his belt, how hungry will he be? He’s turned up to pre-season looking overweight, so does he feel he did the hard work last season? It’s also been raised that Ibrahim Ba is the hungriest of professionals. He’s another player who’s enjoyed a high profile – but injuries have robbed him over the past to seasons.

On a brighter note, it’s good to see Kevin Nolan raring to go and in good form. Over the past three seasons he’s not been the most consistent of players – however this inconsistency is something that quite a few youngsters go through. Perhaps he’s now matured a bit and we’ll see the best of the boy.

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