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Articles by John McGinlay

Press article: New players, new home, new hope for Riverhawks - 01/06/2005
An article from the States looking at Super John's football project in Cincinnati. [More]

Super John's BenchmarkPress article: Super John's Benchmark - 27/03/2005
Richard Frost's article in the Manchester Evening News covering John's views on Bolton's quest for Euro glory. [More]

Press article: McGinlay jets back to Bolton - 22/03/2005
Richard Frost's report on Super John's visit to the Reebok where he saw Nat Lofthouse collect his 'legend' status. [More]

Press article: Striking out in America - 02/07/2004
As he prepares to embark on a new career in the states, a website biographical account of 'Super John's' career to date. [More]

Let's enjoy it! - 05/05/2004
Super John looks at the progress of the club and highlights the work on and off the pitch at the Reebok. [More]

Sam's the manSam's the man - 01/04/2004
With Bolton taking four points form their two meetings with Newcastle, Super John compares the resources of both managers and gives Sam Allardyce a big thumbs up. [More]

Time for a winTime for a win - 22/03/2004
With four straight Premiership defeats on the bounce, Super John feels Sunday's game against Newcastle can put an end to the disappointing run. [More]

Bolton heroes look to the futureInterview: Bolton heroes look to the future - 03/03/2004
Richard Frost interviews John after Sunday's disappointing Carling Cup defeat where the emphasis is on keeping the season alive. Although the article mentions relegation - this is far from John's thoughts... [More]

The Carling key - midfieldThe Carling key - midfield - 25/02/2004
Super John looks at where the game will be won or lost, and also comments on the ticket fiasco - unfortunately overshadowing the build up to the big game. [More]

Chip off the old block - 10/02/2004
Last night saw John down at Man City to hear whether his son, Michael, was to be retained by City's academy. [More]

Looking goodLooking good - 09/02/2004
Super John looks at the progress of both Kevin Nolan and Nicky Hunt, commenting that Bolton now have quality talent in addition to the spirit demanded by Big Sam. [More]

A big night for the club - 21/01/2004
Super John looks at the rewards for a successful semi-final and highlights the importance of tonights game. He also comments on the speculation that Youri Djorkaeff may be looking to extend his stay at the Reebok. [More]

Should we look up or down?Should we look up or down? - 09/01/2004
With Bolton's performances continuing to impress, Super John sounds a word of caution and cites the lack of Premiership home wins as a reason for concern. [More]

Something SpecialSomething Special - 18/12/2003
It gets better and better for Wanderer's fans and Super John takes his hat off to the whole team - whilst commenting on the surprise rumours of a reduction in Sam's salary! [More]

Great form but have you seen who's next?Great form but have you seen who's next? - 05/12/2003
With a fantastic result at Anfield capping a great few weeks, Super John warns not to get too carried away - with trips to Fulham, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal at the Reebok - December could be a tough month [More]

A Rejuvenated Leeds?A Rejuvenated Leeds? - 19/11/2003
Super John looks at the weekend game at Eddie Gray's Leeds, and also to tonight's international game in Holland. [More]

Don’t waste last week’s resultDon’t waste last week’s result - 05/11/2003
Super John looks back on the excellent victory at Tottenham, and forward to the game with Gordon Strachan's Southampton. [More]

A review of recent gamesA review of recent games - 16/10/2003
Super John looks back at the Newcastle, Walsall, Wolves and Villa games. [More]

Sven - listen to Martin O'NeilSven - listen to Martin O'Neil - 02/10/2003
With Alan Thompson in blistering form and a call from Celtic Manager; Martin O'Neill for SPL players not to be ignored by Sven, John expresses his disbelief that the Geordie hasn't been part of the England set up. [More]

Former striker pays tribute to clubPress article: Former striker pays tribute to club - 25/09/2003
Nathan Blake looks back on his time at Bolton and his partnership with Super John - an article by Mark Heys [More]

Problems at NewcastleProblems at Newcastle - 17/09/2003
After losing Florent Laville for six months, John looks at the defensive challenge faced by Sam and forecasts a tough time at Newcastle on Saturday. [More]

No luck…and we still need a striker!No luck…and we still need a striker! - 02/09/2003
John looks at the disappointing news that no new striker will be joining the club. Mario Jardel has started his fitness programme, but faces a tough task... [More]

We need a strikerWe need a striker - 09/08/2003
Nearly all clubs are looking out for strikers, and Bolton are no exception. We’re brought in Kevin Davies and we’re hoping he’ll take this chance to re-launch his Premiership career [More]

Back home…for now - 02/07/2003
enjoyed my trip to the states and it looks like there’s a strong chance I’ll be back out there soon. Nothing has been signed yet, but my Visa should be sorted out within the next few weeks and then I’ll be free to commit myself to a medium term contract [More]

From Shrewsbury to Stateside - 12/06/2003
After Jimmy Quinn was appointed Shrewsbury manager, all I can add is good luck to both him and the club. I feel it's a good appointment and Shrewsbury fans should be able to enjoy a successful season. As for me, I'm presently in the States - and it's an eye-opener!! [More]

Phil Gartside – it’s a tough world - 15/05/2003
As the dust settles from what was a fantastic, although at one stage a nerve-racking final day of the season, tension still hangs on the air. There’s also a large Midland’s club that are in need of new boss, so the Chairman’s work continues in to the summer [More]

It's down to you and the players - 11/05/2003
After 37 Premiership games spanning 10 months of the year, it’s come down to the 90 minutes played today.If you can generate a hostile, noisy environment you’ll have done us a big favour. The players know what they have to do and they need the backing of the crowd – even if West Ham are getting a result at Birmingham. [More]

Fancy a game at the Reebok?Fancy a game at the Reebok? - 08/05/2003
Since I left the club I’ve had the opportunity to play a number of friendly games at the Reebok, and it’s something that I really enjoy. As from next Tuesday the club are offering all fans the opportunity to pull on the famous White shirt and play at the Reebok! [More]

I want the Shrewsbury job - 07/05/2003
I waited for the right club to come along and given the chance, I’d love the opportunity to take over at Shrewsbury. As an ex-player I understand the club and the town, and I genuinely believe that I’m equipped to take the club forward. [More]

We shouldn't be down there - but we are! - 29/04/2003
We’ve played tremendously over the last few weeks, and really, if we’d played this well earlier in the season we’d be fighting for a European slot. It's hard to believe we’re still looking over our shoulders! [More]

Building from the backBuilding from the back - 23/04/2003
One goal conceded in the last six games – that’s some achievement, and we were very unlucky not to get a point from the one game when we did conceded – against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. [More]

It’s in our hands - 11/04/2003
I’ve been out of the country for the last couple of weeks, and it was great to hear that we’d got another three points when Man City came to the Reebok. Other teams are still picking up results and we’re by no means out of the water, but it’s down to us and I’m confident we’ll survive [More]

Sunderland - it was win or bust - 17/03/2003
Mick McCarthy’s a different kettle of fish to Howard Wilkinson (who'd lost the plot) and I expect him to do well at Sunderland. When a new manager comes in, it’s the norm for the team to pick up in form, and I expected a very tough game at the Stadium if Light. [More]

The highs and the lows.. - 04/03/2003
Funny old game, we play Man Utd off the park, then concede ANOTHER late goal but still manage a point. You then check the league table and we look fairly comfortable, then both Birmingham and West Ham win two on the bounce! [More]

It's three out of five to go down - 11/02/2003
After the last two games, it appears that Birmingham have definitely been dragged into the fight to avoid the drop. In my opinion Fulham have a bit of a cushion and it’s three from the five of Sunderland, West Ham, West Brom, Birmingham and Bolton who’ll drop out of the Premiership. I feel that Bolton are best placed to avoid the drop. [More]

Three massive games - 28/01/2003
After losing to Newcastle last week, we’re faced with three absolutely massive games. I’ll stick my neck out and say that if we can get 7 out of the 9 available points, then we’ll be playing Premiership football again next season. [More]

A night in the Toon - 22/01/2003
I'm up in Newcastle tonight covering the game for radio. To be honest, I really feel we're going to be up against it. The game promises to be cracking, both sides play open attacking football and if it's half as good as the Boxing Day game, we'll be in for a show! [More]

Three out, one in? - 10/01/2003
With Dean Holdsworth, David Norris, and Nicky Southall all moving on, it’s reported that Sam’s able to bring in only one replacement. I suppose it’s just a sign of the times and I’d rather see the club take things sensibly than go and gamble big. [More]

Back down to earth - 02/01/2003
After a great win against Newcastle, and two good draws against West Ham and Everton, yesterday’s defeat at Villa was very disappointing. Although I didn’t travel to Birmingham, from what I’ve seen and heard, it seems a second rate performance. [More]

In it to win it? - 09/12/2002
In it to win it, or in it for what it can give us? Sam’s mentioned at the club AGM that he’s not interested in the competition. I disagree though. [More]

Three very welcome pointsThree very welcome points - 20/11/2002
Winning at Leeds is a cracking achievement and with scoring four goals it should be a real boost to our confidence. I wasn’t at the game, but I saw the goals on Sky and Henrik Pedersen took his chances very well indeed. [More]

Tough at the top, and tougher at the bottomTough at the top, and tougher at the bottom - 11/11/2002
Prior to the games with Sunderland, Birmingham, and West Brom, I think most Wanderer’s fans were looking for at least a couple of wins. Personally I was hoping for seven points. [More]

Berti the BraveBerti the Brave - 15/10/2002
Make no mistake about it, Scotland’s win against Iceland was an exceptional performance. A great deal of people saw Scotland as the favourites for the game, but Iceland are a quality side and not many teams will come away from Reykjavik with a 2-0 win [More]

Six points from Two gamesSix points from Two games - 13/09/2002
Six points from Two games, that can't be bad! Beating Man Utd at Old Trafford will boost the confidence of the boys [More]

Relief as we get our first win! - 11/09/2002
It was a great relief to get our first 3 points with a 2-0 win against Moor Green, hopefully we've turned the corner. [More]

Chips off the old blocks?Chips off the old blocks? - 09/09/2002
There's two boys in Man City's youth team, one's called McGinlay and one's called Schmeichel [More]

A boost for the defenceA boost for the defence - 31/08/2002
The (eventual) signing of Ivan Campo is a significant boost to Bolton. [More]

A Striking Signing for SamA Striking Signing for Sam - 28/08/2002
So we received a £5million offer for Michael Ricketts – I’d have taken it! [More]

Ilkeston Problems continue - 27/08/2002
We need our luck to change! Played four and only one point on the board, but this tells only half the story. [More]

Time for the Cotton Wool - 11/08/2002
We’ve got our final pre-season friendly tonight and I can’t say I’m really looking forward to it! [More]

What’s in store for Bolton? - 10/08/2002
I’m confident we’ll do very well this season, I don’t think I’m sticking my neck out by saying Bolton will finish mid-table. [More]