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The 20 Questions

Favourite Player of all time?
Best Player Played Against?
This is a difficult one, abroad I'd say Roberto Carlos or Rivaldo. In the Premiership Roy Keane and Patrick Viera are phenomenal.
Best Player in Your Position?
Luis Figo
Best Captain?
I'd go for Alan Shearer, my present captain.
Best Mate in the Game?
I'm lucky in that I get on with all the players and don't really want to single out any individual.
Best Atmosphere Experienced?
The game that I think of is the victory over Leeds at St.James'. It was such a big game, and to come back from 1-0 down, it was great!
Best Fans (other than own clubs)
Favourite Ground?
It has to be St.James' Park, Newcastle.
Biggest Regret?
Not having won the League or a Cup for Newcastle, but I'm working on it!
Team Supported?
Sporting Boys, Lima
It's Saturday and you've got a game at home what's your routine?
I normally get out of bed for about 10.30, I get myself ready and arrive at the ground for 11.30 where the players meet in the restaurant at 11.30. At about 11.45 we have a light lunch - pasta maybe some chicken or soup. At around 12.30 we stay in the restaurant and hold a team meeting. It's then down to the changing rooms for a massage before we begin to warm up about thirty minutes before kick off. We have a final chat at about 2.50 and then it's out onto the pitch.
Best Goal Scored
I think the goal in the Olympic Stadium when we beat 1860 Munich in this season's Intertoto. I took the ball in my own half, layed it off, made a run, received the ball and ran into their half, as the goalkeeper came to me, I lifted the ball over his body. We won 3-2 and I even scored another (a penalty).
Best Match and Why?
I think the Leeds game away this season. It was so dramatic. We started well and then they came back. We weren't finished though, and showed great character in coming back from 3-1 down to win 4-3. The fans loved it, and so did I!
Worst Match and Why?
This year it was probably the 3-0 loss at West Ham, especially since they were bottom at the time! The F.A. Cup final was the biggest disappointment though, I was taken off for Silvio Maric and the whole day was just so sad.
Funniest Football Incident?
I talk of this in another part of the site, but it was probably in my first trial when I was told to sit with the boys of my age group. They had already played their trial, so I switched to the next age group and got a chance. I wonder what would have happened if I'd stayed in that group?
Do you have any match day superstitions?
I'm not superstitious at all. I believe that you have good days and bad days, but you can't blame superstitions if you play badly!
Favourite Foreign Club
Boca Juniors, they mean a lot to me.
Best transfer at any of your clubs?
Ruud Gullit bought Keiron Dyer, and look at him now!
What was your ambition in football when you signed your first professional contract?
To play in Europe, but now it's to play in the Champions League with Newcastle and to win something for the fans.
20. You've won the league, you'll celebrating, you'll have a a)Pint b) Mineral water c) A short d) Champagne
Firstly I'd thank God! Then I think I would drink anything and everything that was in front me!!