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Articles about Football Association

Another four years to wait by Robbie Elliott - 04/07/2006
Robbie's thought's on England's exit [More]
Good to get a win by Lewis Hunt - 15/10/2004
Lewis reports on events at Southend and comments on the the issue of the England captaincy. [More]
Euro 2004 - hope for the futureEuro 2004 - hope for the future by Gavin Peacock - 09/07/2004
Gavin looks at the impact of Rooney's injury and offers hope for the future... [More]
Too much hype for RooneyToo much hype for Rooney by Robbie Elliott - 23/06/2004
Robbie, encouraged by England's form, worries that the media hype surrounding Wayne Rooney is all too much [More]
England can go all the wayEngland can go all the way by John Beresford - 09/06/2004
Just before Bez jumps on a plane bound for Singapore, we get his thougths on England's chances. [More]
Scotland's Daily Record reports on an 11 a side Masters game between the Auld Enemy and featuring, amongst others - Bez. [More]
An England International – twice!!An England International – twice!! by John Beresford - 25/02/2004
Bez gets the cll to play for England in both the Masters '6 a side' tournament, and a Masters '11 a side' game at Dunfermline. [More]
Christmas Cheer!?Christmas Cheer!? by Stephen Hunt - 22/12/2003
Hunty tries to put his finger on Brentford's lack of recent form, and talks about his visit to the Spurs - Man Utd game with a comment on the Rio Ferdinand ban. [More]
England – let’s move forwardEngland – let’s move forward by John Beresford - 16/11/2003
With relations between the FA and it's players taking another knock, Bez asks that both parties work together to improve communication. [More]
The England players were naïve in threatening to strikeThe England players were naïve in threatening to strike by John Beresford - 16/10/2003
Bez looks back on another week in football where headlines concerned off-pitch, rather than on-pitch events. [More]
Sven - listen to Martin O'NeilSven - listen to Martin O'Neil by John McGinlay - 02/10/2003
With Alan Thompson in blistering form and a call from Celtic Manager; Martin O'Neill for SPL players not to be ignored by Sven, John expresses his disbelief that the Geordie hasn't been part of the England set up. [More]
England - back on track or a banana skin? by John Beresford - 31/03/2003
Saturday’s game in Liechtenstein was a disappointment, it was a game that England had the ability to control, dominant and to show their superiority. They simply didn’t do it, and although you can’t be too critical about an away win, it didn’t fill me with confidence for Wednesday night’s game against Turkey [More]
F.A. Ambassador's trip to ChinaF.A. Ambassador's trip to China by John Beresford - 27/10/2002
There's no China crisis, infact I'd say that in a few year's time we'll be lloking a world force in the game. [More]
England – we should be doing betterEngland – we should be doing better by John Beresford - 17/10/2002
I watched last night’s game and was very disappointed. I seems a number of players just turn up to play their own game, a team of individuals instead of an individual team. [More]
England's win marred by racism by Warren Barton - 15/10/2002
I thought we dug in and got a good win in Slovakia, but the achievement was soured by the constant racist chanting and UEFA will have to act [More]
Unlucky, but were we ever going to beat them?Unlucky, but were we ever going to beat them? by John Beresford - 02/10/2002
Juventus away was always going to be the most difficult of the Champions League fixtures, but we put up a good show and were slightly unlucky [More]
Views on World CupViews on World Cup by Jamie McClen - 23/05/2002
I honestly think that England will struggle. The draw has been very tough and if the team doesn’t play to it’s full potential, I can’t see us progressing past the first group stage. [More]
World Cup Draw by John Beresford - 03/12/2001
The draw doesn't worry me, if we play to our potential we'll win it, it's as simple as that. [More]
I fully back the decision to strike by John Beresford - 16/11/2001
There's been a lot of criticism by the media and others against the PFA, but I fully back the decision to strike. [More]
Will Phillips play? by John Beresford - 07/11/2001
England play Sweden on Saturday, and it hass been touted as the final chance for Kevin Phillips. [More]